【Kaiho Truck Net Auction】 How to make a payment and get vehicles

We introduced how to bid in the KTN Auction the other day.
Today, we will introduce how to make a payment and get vehicles you successfully bid in the KTN Auction.

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Make a payment

If you make a successful bid, you will receive a notification email and invoice on the day after the auction.
Please remit a full payment to a bank account designated by us within 3 days (excluding bank holiday) from the next day of the auction date.

The costs you need to pay are as follows:

(i) vehicle price (the amount by which you won the bid),
(ii) successful bidding fee,
(iii) consumption tax* regarding (i) and (ii) above,
(iv) recycling fee*,
(v) other expenses for transportation and custom clearance, etc.

*We do not charge you consumption tax regarding (i) and recycling fee if we arrange shipping and custom clearance of vehicles for export upon your request.

For example, if you won a bid of a middle size truck for JPY 500,000 (If the vehicle’s recycling fee is JPY 10,000):
Your payment is as follows:

Vehicle Price
(the amount by which the bidder won the bid)
JPY 500,000
Consumption Tax (10%)JPY 50,000
Successful Bidding FeeJPY 16,500
Recycling feeJPY 10,000
Your PaymentJPY 576,500
Successful Bidding Fees (tax included)
Small passenger car/Light (Kei) car

JPY 5,500
Small size vehicle/Middle size vehicle (total weight less than 8t)JPY 16,500
Large size vehicle (total weight 8t or more)JPY 22,000

Recycling Fee:
Recycling fee is determined by individual truck manufacturers depending on the possible quantity of shredder dust and CFCs, number of airbags, and simplicity of taking off airbags.

Container loading service

We have a container loading service for trucks. We can dismantle trucks you purchased in our auction and load them in a container. We also can arrange a container with engines and used auto parts you purchased from us. Our service fees for dismantling and loading for trucks are as follows:

Vehicle Type*1Price*2
2 tonJPY 80,000
4 ton Flat bedJPY 110,000
4ton DumpJPY 140,000
10 tonJPY 280,000

*1 For other vehicle types, please contact us.                
*2 These prices include cabin cut and rear axle drop down, or engine, front axle, and rear axle drop down only. For prices for other dismantling menu, please contact us.
*3 Shipping cost is not included in these prices. Please contact us for shipping costs.

Get your vehicle

After we receive full payment from you, we inform you of a certain date as “delivery date” of the vehicle. Please take possession of the vehicle from the supplier at the location designated by us within 6 business days from the delivery date.

Upon your request, we arrange the container loading service and export of vehicles to your designated destination.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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