We are one of the leading Japanese used engines/used auto parts suppliers. We always have a large selection of Japanese used engines, cars and parts exporting to 90 countries with over 52 years of experience.

What engines/auto parts can we offer you?

Our part stocks include engines, suspensions, and other mechanical components as well as interior components such as steering wheels.

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Used engines/Used auto parts from :

Our company may provide you used and tested Japanese engines, Complete Knock Down and parts for all makes & models including TOYOTA, NISSAN, SUZUKI, HONDA, MAZDA, SUBARU, ISUZU, VOLKSWAGEN and etc. 

Why used engines/used auto parts from Kaiho?

Tested used engines with warranty.

KAIHO developed its own standard to evaluate the quality of used engines: the “JRS (Japan Reuse Standard)” This test uses a five-level assessment for six items including compression, overheating and mileage etc. Since the quality of used engines evaluated by this standard is clear, CLIENTS around the WORLD can purchase without worries. All our engines come with a 30 days warranty from the arrival date. Please, take a look to our commercial video regarding the specifications test that we apply to our engines: https://youtu.be/VfMU0uJbVLY

jrs-tested engine

Photos and videos of all our products.

We have a large selection of products and in case we do not have what you are looking for, we will search for it. In Kaiho you will be able to gather everything that you want: used engines, used parts, used tires, etc. We will offer you a reasonable price with reliable quality. You can take a look to our car and engines stock in the following link: https://kra-network.com

  • Our Clients can easily access to our engines/ vehicles information whenever and wherever they want.
  • You will be able to check our product lineup in real time.
  • And most important: you will be able to confirm your engines and the cars condition by pictures from different angles and videos.

Experience of over 52 years

Our company has operated for over 52 years and deals with 90 countries so we am sure we may provide you our products with trust. We dismantle more than 12,000 cars annualy, exporting about 600 containers per year. Our Japanese staff will carefully dismantle your cars following your indications.

Support in 5 languages with experienced staff.

Our staff can assist you in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese) and will inform you about the quotation and availability of your decided products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Beautiful quality products carefully dismantled and shipped in a short time

We will do our best to find what you want, of course looking for the best quality and loading your container is the shortest possible time. We have about 70 allied companies, we will able to collect soon the products that you inquire. We also get cars from car auctions all over Japan, dismantle them and prepare them for the loading.


Payment methods

We accept many payment methods.

We currently support the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • L/C
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • MoneyGram

Payment fee and receipt fee will be charged separately for each payment method.

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TORENS LTD has mutual cooperation with KAIHO company over six years. Our first container was in December 2013. Since that time we loaded about hundred containers. Should say KAIHO company’s specialists are professionals, attentive and friendly partners. KAIHO’s system of control quality spare parts is best system among our suppliers.

My company SAITAMA has been working during many years with Kaiho. We have grown as a company thanks to the good quality that Kaiho offers and we learnt that quality and good service is the key to be sucessful. Kaiho takes much care of quality and Client service. Thank you Kaiho.

JRS presents the information about the state of the engine in an easy-to-understand radar chart. In Russia, our clients judge the quality of the engine from this chart to purchase it.

We are buying engines from Kaiho. We are comfortable knowing that JRS test was done so that we don’t have to worry if the engines are ok to sell in Trinidad. Our clients are comfortable buying those engines.

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