【Kaiho Chiba Auction (KCA)】 One of the largest used auto parts auction in Japan!! ~ How to join the auction. ~

We hold used auto parts auction in Yotsukaido City, Chiba Prefecture, which is called Kaiho Chiba Auction (KCA)
There are various types of parts such as engines, half cuts, cabin cuts and suspensions are collected from all over Japan and are auctioned. The number of items to be auctioned are one the latest auction in Japan, which is approximate 500 – 700 engines at every auction.

The following videos shows the KCA.

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KCA has a large variety of products

Used engines and suspensions are lined up all over the yard. You could find the rare items, such as HIACE cabin cut. We are auctioning variety of items to meet many country buyer’s satisfaction.

Before participating in the auction – Receive the list –

People who join the auction for the first time need to show us the certificate of secondhand dealer license and contact details.

If you cannot go directly to the auction, you can participate online with the auction place.

We check the details of used engines & used auto parts on behalf of you and let you know the conditions, so please contact us for anything.

During the auction

Participants fill in the list with the bidding prices and You could check the actual items in our yard to make sure the condition of used auto parts!! Please note that we don’t accept any complaints after the auction close.

Now the bidding format is the paper list, however we will change this bidding form to the online system instead of paper in the near future, which make it much easier and convenient for participants to bid the price. We will notify you when our auction system is ready.

Lastly – confirm the price –

Finally, during the auction, our company staff with knowledge in market price, check all participants bidding price. If we found a bidding price that is far off from market price, we will tell them not to make the wrong bid.
We will let you know the auction result after the auction ends with final confirmation to avoid the troubles between suppliers and bidders.

Our auction will become online an auction in the future, but we monitor the prices participants bid and let you know if we found a questionable price.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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