【Choosing suppliers】 Introducing suppliers before coming to Japan (the first half)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to know everything you need just by searching the internet, don’t you think so?

“I searched the Internet to find out about various suppliers, carefully selected the ones that looked good, and came to Japan, but it was completely different from my imagination …”

Do you have that kind of experience?

Considering the travel expenses and the time you spent, you may really regret.

To prevent this, we will take care of all pre-transaction visits, business negotiations, and other consultations!

Choosing the correct supplier is important

Finding a supplier that meets your requirements is one of the most important things. However, it takes time and effort to confirm and negotiate in advance whether the conditions are met. Also, it is difficult to know the voice of the staying buyers.

Kaiho Industry can introduce you other companies which are affiliated. About 70 companies of the Kaiho Recyclers Alliance are located all over the country, we provide support to introduce the most suitable destinations considering the size and area of ​​the company and access to the port. This is the best plan for Clients that want to come to Japan to inspect their containers with their own eyes.

We will inform you in advance of each information about the Alliance Company.

  • Purchase details of vehicles in the last 2-3 months (number of vehicles, vehicle type, vehicle model, engine model, etc.)
  • Percentage of kei vehicles (mini cars)
  • The ratio of 2WD and 4WD
  • Photo information (including workplace, vehicle pool, parts storage, dormitory, etc.)
  • Information about other staying buyers (because your competitors may be there)
  • Information about product market prices (because they may differ in the different places of Japan)
  • Fares information about your place to stay to the nearest Japanese port (land transportation costs, THC, customs clearance fee, Doc Fee)

Please take a look at these and choose the right supplier for you.

The information we provide will make possible to start working with the supplier as soon you will arrive in Japan.

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Sharing prior information with each other (before trading)

In the same way, we ask you to provide information about your company.

  • Location
  • Number of employees
  • Number of items in stock
  • Ability of purchase volume: Number of containers per year
  • Container size 20FT or 40FT
  • The content of the product you want to purchase (model, item, price, etc.)
  • Your loading plan dates before to come to Japan to buy used engines and used auto parts
  • Presence or absence of designated shipping company

Knowing one each other in advance will help you avoid troubles and the negotiations will go smoothly.

Currently (March 2021), many buyers that we introduced in 17 Kaiho Recyclers Alliance companies nationwide are currently being seconded.

We continue to support our customers as an intermediary so that they can ship the containers smoothly every month.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
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