【KCA auction】 Purchase used engines with confidence

There are several ways to get used engines and parts, such as auctions, e-commerce sites, and purchasing directly from dealers.
You may be wondering which method is best for you to buy at the right price.

This time, we would like to introduce the used engine & used parts auction sponsored by Kaiho Industry in Chiba, Japan.
I want to participate in an auction, but it seems difficult, what about an online auction? If you are considering purchasing a used engine and used parts at an auction, please refer to it.


The auction is full of benefits!

First of all, we will introduce the advantages of using an auction.

Popular used engines on the market are listed.

Another characteristic of used engine auctions is that you can often find used engines that are not normally available on the market.

You can also meet the engine of a car that is very popular in the market but hard to find, a car with a short production, rare models, limited editions etc., those are difficult to find at a used parts dealer due to low distribution volume.

No need to go to the venue for the auctions!

The biggest advantage of auctions using the Internet is that you do not have to go to the auction site.
You can participate in the auction wherever you are, so you don’t need to travel. You can save your precious time.

Kaiho Industry’s used engine auction held in Chiba, Japan (KCA auction)

KCA auction

Introducing the KCA auction, one of the used engine auctions sponsored by Kaiho Industry. It is held twice a month in Chiba, Japan. You can participate online, and of course you can go directly to the venue.

There are many exhibitions from alliance peers all over Japan, and we have a well-balanced and abundant collection of used engines of various engine models and drives (2WD, 4WD, AT, MT).

The volume of deals is also one of the largest in Japan. About 800 or more used engines gathered from all over Japan every time. You will be amazed for the products variety. You may find that rare used engine that you really want to get.

The number of companies participating in this auction is about 75 each time and, if you participate directly at the venue, you can do network with other customers.

Everybody can participate in this auction. If you have problems buying used engines and used parts in Japan, please join us. You won t regret.

Reason for choosing Kaiho Industry auction

You can check the products pictures online.

On the auction site, you can see all the pictures of the engines offered. This is very popular because it allows you to check the engine status even if you do not go to the venue.

First response: Trust

Kaiho Industry has earned a lot of trust due to its history of more than 50 years and its extensive trading record. This is the result of providing continously high quality used engines at reasonable prices, and we are really proud of that .

We will do our best to meet your needs.
Please participate in the auction with confidence.

It’s very easy to participate in the auction. Anyone can participate just by registering as a user.

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Feel free to contact us from here
Phone: +81 90 9978 6815
Email: yuki.yamamoto@kaiho.co.jp
Office: 2082-6 Dainichi, Yotsukaido City, Chiba Prefecture
Second Office: 896-4, Azeta, Sakura, City, Chiba Prefecture

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