【Popular engines】 Used engines best-selling ranking

Kaiho Industry handles about 17,000 used engines annually. We will introduce you the best-selling ranking of used engines sold by Kaiho Industry . Please take a look to the market trends.


Used engines best-selling ranking

RankingEngine Name
(Results of 2019)

Using Kaiho Industry EC website to find used engines.

One of the ways to find the used engines you want is to use an EC website. We would like to introduce a convenient way to use the EC website that allows you to check the inventory of used engines and used spare parts available at Kaiho Industry.

You can check our stock 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anytime, anywhere!

With our EC website, you can check the inventory of used engines at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere, just need to have internet access.

Checking the inventory is really intuitive!

You can search used engines and used auto spare parts that you need.
About 1,000 used engines are always posted.


Check the quality of used engines with photos and videos!

The quality of a used engine is one of the most important points when purchasing.
On the Kaiho Industry EC website, you can see not only photos of all used engines, but also videos. It is a very rare service in this industry and allows you to see by yourself how the engine is actually running. Please take a look at the video.


EC site for used engines available at Kaiho Industry
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Kaiho Industry has earned a lot of trust due to its history of more than 50 years and its extensive trading record.

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For those who want to order used engines and auto parts container online. The World of first e-commerce site where product selection, ordering, and container shipping can all be completed online. Rest assured, you will be able to check the engine condition with a video. We are one of the leading Japanese used engines and parts suppliers.