【Kenya auction】 First in Africa! Auction of used car parts starts in Kenya!

We have just started an auction business for used car parts in Kenya.

Kenya is one of the leading economic powers in the African continent, and in recent years has been attracting attention in the IT field, such as the spread of the mobile payment service M-PESA.
This time, we established a local subsidiary, “Kaiho East Africa Limited,” and attended the opening ceremony of the first used car parts auction in Africa.

Opening ceremony went successfully!

The ceremony was held in a grand manner, with many people in attendance, including the Japanese ambassador, Kenyan government officials, automotive industry personnel, and media personnel
The next day, it was featured prominently in local news, and has received a great response.

Current situation of automobile recycling in Africa.

The current situation is that poor quality used parts of unknown origin are rampant in the African market.
In our auction business, all parts put up for auction are tagged with RFID tags, and traceability information, including engine start-up videos and images of the vehicle before dismantling, is made public. This allows buyers to check the quality of the parts in advance and make transactions with peace of mind.

KEA auction

The auction venue is located in Nairobi, the center of East Africa’s transportation network, and we are also considering re-exporting to neighboring countries.
Through this business, we hope to contribute to improving the quality of used auto parts in the African market and to the development of the automotive industry throughout East Africa.

We will also provide the latest local market information that we can gather through our auction business, and continue to contribute to the automotive recycling industry.

If you are interested in the auction in Kenya, please contact us using the details below.
Adress: Atlantis business park -D31, ICD, Masai road, Po Box, 8296-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
Email: info@kaihoeastafrica.co.ke
Phone: +254-795-110-000

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