【Dismantling your cars】 Technical terminology introduction series! ~ CKD ~

Have you ever heard a jargon that you haven’t heard before when purchasing used engines and used auto parts from suppliers?

This time, we will introduce some technical terminology unique in this industry.

Please take a look, may be useful when purchasing used engines and used auto parts.


What is a CKD?

CKD is an abbreviation for Complete Knock Down, which generally means a dismantling export method in which all the parts that make up an automobile are sent overseas, to be later assembled, welded, painted, etc., and complete the car.

That makes it possible to build an automobile production plant even if there is no a local automobile parts manufacturer.
It is very convenient because you can complete a car after assemble all the parts.

On the same way that we are dismantling the End-of-Life Vehicles, we are also producing valuable parts from vehicles and send them to overseas Clients as CKD products.

In some countries, it is tax-advantageous to assemble locally rather than send it as an used car (used car or End-of-Life Vehicles).

Also, it is a method often used to take measures when the import of finished vehicles is prohibited in order to promote domestic production.

Also it takes measures against tariffs and reduce product prices. So there are many advantages in terms of budget.

One more advantage is that the risk of product damage can be reduced by disassembling the product once and loading it into the container.

Types of CKD

Introducing the three main plans of CKD that are often handled by Kaiho Industry.

Half cut plan

  • Half cut
  • Doors
  • Trunk lid / Rear gate
  • Rear bumper
  • Tail lamps
  • Seats
  • Suspensions
  • Muffler
  • Tires

Generally, these parts are included.

For a half-cut plan, let’s look at an example of how many can fit in one 40FT container.

  • CKD (half-cut plan) ✕ 6-8 units
  • Used engine ✕ 50-60 units

Half-cuts are larger than nose-cuts, so they use much space than other CKDs.


By the way, in the case of used trucks, you can also choose the cabin cut plan as a similar production to the CKD half cut plan.

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Nose cut plan

  • Nose cut
  • Engine
  • Suspensions
  • Bonnet
  • Fenders
  • Interior parts
  • Doors
  • Trunk lid/ Reag gate
  • Rear bumper
  • Tail lamps
  • Muffler
  • Seats
  • Tires

It mainly includes those parts.

For a nose cut plan, let’s see an example of how many one 40FT container can fit.

  • CKD (nose cut plan) ✕ 20 units
  • Used engine ✕ 20-30 units

Since each part is produced in more detail than a half-cut, we can load much more units.

nose ccut
nose ccut

Personal plan ~Body Shell~

  • Engine
  • Both axles
  • Vehicle body

The body shell is the closer to a completed vehicle because the vehicle can be used simply by assembling the engine and the axles locally.

Nevertheless, as mentioned above, a body shell is often inquired to avoid import bans on finished vehicles, tariffs, and reduce the product prices.

For a body shell, let’s take a look at an example of how many can fit in one 40FT container.

  • CKD (body shell plan) ✕ 2 units
  • CKD (nose cut plan) ✕ 5 units
  • Used engine ✕ 50 units

By the way, in the case of a completed car, let’s see an example of how much it fits in one 40FT container.

  • Completed vehicle ✕ 6 units
  • Used engine ✕ 40 units

Considering that one 40FT container can hold 6 to 8 sets for CKD half-cut and 20 sets for CKD nose-cut, it is still possible to transport a larger amount using CKD than transporting in the state of a completed car.

Introducing additional services exclusive in Kaiho Industry!

The airbag is removable!

If you wish, you can remove the airbag without exploding it. (with no extra cost) This allows you to send your important used auto parts without damaging them.

Can be wrapped!

If you wish, we will carefully wrap each used automobile part. (with an extra fee) This will prevent your important used car parts from being damaged inside the container.

We can collect those products that you need!

What kind of used auto parts do you need? We have about 100 alliance companies all over Japan, so you can quickly collect the products you want.

We also procure cars from used car auctions all over Japan, disassemble and deliver them to our Clients.

We also procure cars from car dealers, used car dealers, and even individual Clients.

Don’t give up, even if the used car parts you want are from rare vehicles.
Please feel free to contact us first. We will respond in good faith.

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