【Foreign cars】 Imported cars are also popular!

You can also order recycled parts from automobiles made by foreign companies that have been imported to Japan.
In this article, we will also introduce the reasons why those used parts are so popular.

Please take a look, this information may be useful when purchasing used engines and used auto parts.


What is an Imported Car?

Imported cars are vehicles from other countries that are sold and distributed in Japan.

There are actually two types of imported cars.

One is the “dealer car,” which is imported by an authorized distributor from a foreign automaker, and then sold as a new car in Japan after a strict inspection and check.
Officially imported dealer vehicles are manufactured with Japanese domestic specifications, making them easier for Japanese users to use.

The other type of vehicle is a “parallel import,” where the manufacturer does not directly export the vehicle to Japan, but the Japanese dealer goes to the manufacturer’s domestic dealer to purchase the vehicle and imports it separately.
A parallel import vehicle is a vehicle that has been imported with the same specifications as sold overseas.

Both meet Japan’s safety and environmental standards, and are safe to drive.

Why are recycled parts for import cars so popular?

Why are imported cars in Japan so popular?

There are several reasons for this. Japan is a small country, and the distance driven by the owner is much less than in other countries. That means the engine and other parts are less likely to be damaged.

Moreover, car users tend to entrust regular maintenance to professionals and do not neglect it for as long as they own the car. This shows the seriousness of the Japanese people.

In other words, automobiles from other countries that have been used in Japan are of very high quality, not only as used cars but also as used parts.

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