【Suspensions parts】 Technical terminology introduction series! ~ ASSY ~

Have you ever heard a jargon that you haven’t heard before when purchasing used engines and used auto parts from suppliers?

We will introduce some technical terminology unique in this industry.

Please take a look, may be useful when purchasing used engines and used auto parts.


What does it mean ASSY?

Have you ever heard “ASSY” as a part name in the automobile business (ASSEMBLY)?
Assy is the abbreviation for “ASSYEMBLY” and means unit before it is separated down into small pieces.

It is said that each car is composed of about 30,000 parts. This is a very large number, isn’t it?

Therefore, in the process of disassembling the car, the parts may be removed as an assembly without being disassembled into small pieces.

This is because parts are often replaced by ASSY when they are repaired. If you purchase a product as an ASSY, you can repair it more easily without having to assemble it in detail.

CKD dismantring

Common ASSY parts

Many parts removed by Kaiho Industry are also sold as ASSY. This time, we will introduce a particularly representative assemblies.

Strut assembly

  • Strut
  • Coil spring
  • Rotor
  • Caliper
  • Brake pads

The strut ASSY is generally made up of these parts.
In addition, it can be disassembled into struts and rotors, but it is generally sold as an assembly.

The size of each item is also compact, and many products can be loaded in a container.
Also, the strut assembly together with the lower arm and drive shaft are often purchased as a set as: front suspension.

Strut assy

Front axle assembly

  • Strut assembly
  • Lower arm
  • Drive shaft
  • Rack-and-pinion
  • Stabilizer
  • Engine member

The front axle ASSY is generally made up of these parts.
When removing the engine from the body, it is common to disassemble it together with the suspension, but the suspension part produced with the engine at that time is called the front axle assembly.

If you buy at the front axle assembly, it will contain more small parts. Therefore, in the case of rare and popular models, the product as a front axle assembly is a hot item.

Front axle assembly

Steering assembly

  • Steering wheel
  • Steering column
  • Steering shaft
  • Steering joint

The steering assembly includes not only the steering part but also the steering joint, which is the connection part with the power steering rack and pinion in the engine room.

Due to legal regulations, airbags must be removed and collected by us, but we also sell steering wheels and dimmer switches separatelly.
We also offer wrapping to protect the steering part if necessary.

Steering assy

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