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Have you ever heard that the engine has burned? Why is this happening?

Of course, it may happen because the engine has been running with a low oil level. But, actually, the most common cause is the sludge generated inside the engine. Let’s take a closer look.


What is sludge?

The engine is made by assembling metal parts. Especially in the case of a new car, the internal “burrs” are scraped off, resulting in fine metal debris that mixes with the oil becoming sludge.
This is how the sludge is generated.

Why is sludge not good for the engine?

Generally, it is recommended to change the engine oil every 5,000km of mileage or once about every six months. (There are some differences depending on the model)
If this maintenance is not done properly, it will have a bad effect on the engine.

For example, if sludge accumulates, it will clog the oil filter and will avoid the oil from lubricating properly.
As a result, the oil does not reach the target, and the engine may suffer damages (seized engine).

In a real case, as a result of running without changing the engine oil even once after purchasing a new car, the engine burned out three years later and it broke down. It seems that the owner of the car gave up the repair and scrapped it because the repair of the engine is surprisingly expensive.

Clean strainer
Clean strainer
Clogged strainer
Clogged strainer
Engine head cover burned with sludge
Engine head cover burned with sludge

Introducing sludge checkpoints

Here are some points to check when purchasing a used engine.

Check the back of the engine oil cap and the inside of the engine that you can see through the cap.
If there is something like scraps of iron powder and oil on the back of the oil cap or inside the engine, it’s not in good condition. If maintenance such as oil change is done properly, the back of the oil cap and the inside of the engine will be clean.

A North American customer who knows that sludge is an important checkpoint for identifying a used engine has previously asked us to “open the back of the engine head cover.”

Each manufacturer has different and characteristic features in the ease of sludge production. We have inspected many engines and have a wealth of knowledge about them. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

In addition, elderly people and people who are not interested in cars need less frequent maintenance, so there is a high possibility that the engine will be in poor condition. It is also necessary to pay attention to how the previous owner used to ride. We often buy vehicles directly from the owner, so we often check that point as well.

The back of a clean engine oil cap
The back of a clean engine oil cap
The back of the engine oil cap that has accumulated sludge
The back of the engine oil cap that has accumulated sludge

Kaiho Industry uses its own engine inspection test JRS to check the engine sludge.

Kaiho Industry standardized its own quality evaluation standard for used automobile parts, “Japan Reuse Standard (JRS)”, which was later granted with the international standard “Publicly Available Specification 777 (PAS777)”.

This “JRS (international standard PAS777)” is the Kaiho Industry’s original engine inspection standard.

The quality of used engines evaluated by this standard is clear, so customers of any region of the World can purchase with confidence.

JRS certifies the condition by thoroughly inspecting the mileage, appearance, engine sludge, etc.

JRS engine inspectors face about 8,000 engines annually. The professionals carefully identify the engine one by one and test the condition.

This brings you peace of mind so you can buy an used engine at a reasonable price.

jrs-tested engine

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