MOQ is a 20ft container which can contain 70 – 75 engines. If you wish to order a single engine, for instance, unfortunately the cost of sending it would be, sometimes, more expensive than the engine cost.
All our engines have the transmission and rest of the parts such as compressor, dynamo, computer etc… We can take out the transmissions without any problem. We are not selling transmissions separately.
We are testing all our engines, so it is really rare to find a problem in our engines. Despite this, our quality test has some limitations and it is possible that we couldn’t detect a problem. In that case, we accept to negotiate a proper compensation within one month after the container reaches its destination.
Of course, we have pictures of all our engines. Easily you will be able to confirm that the engine corresponds to your demand.
We are only using Japanese yen. For the payment methods, we have Bank transfer, L/C, Credit Card, PayPal, MoneyGram.